Technical Writer and Author - 1985 to present
  • Researched and wrote: Energy: The New Frontier in Reflexology, 2020; Reflexology: Art, Science & History, 1990/2013; Reflexognosy, A Shift in Paradigm (with Sandi Rogers), 2000; Eunice Ingham: a Biography, 2009.

  • Writer & Editor: Sacramento Valley Reflexology Journal, California News, ICR Newsletter, and Reflexology Today.

  • Articles for Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Massage Magazine, Association of Massage & Bodywork Quarterly, and numerous reflexology publications.

  • ARCB Study Guide Outline and various pamphlets and booklets on or for reflexology, including a series titled: Everything You Wanted to Know About…(Legislation, Starting a State Organization, Starting a Business, Planning a Conference) But Didn’t Know Who to Ask.

  • RAA Leadership Education & Organizational Development Training Manual, 2004/2007.

  • FJM Student Workbook & Teacher Training Manual for FJM Reflexology, 2003.

  • Ghost wrote a book on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • English editor for Father Josef’s New Foot Reflexology (from Chinese into English) 2007.

  • Editing and desktop publishing conference brochures and reports for conferences listed below.

  • Video production: creative design, writing, editing w/voice over.


Meeting Planner and Conference Organizer - 1989 to present

  • Apparel & Footwear International RSL Management Group (AFIRM), Shanghai, 2007

  • International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) conferences held in Virginia Beach VA, 1991; Kos, Greece, 1992; Vancouver, 1995, London, 1997; Honolulu 1999, Amsterdam, 2005; Cairns, 2007; Los Angles, 2009; Lisbon, 2011.

  • North American conference held in Toronto, 1990 which saw the birth of the ICR.

  • Two U.S. national conferences held in Denver, 1994 & 1989.

  • 1st U.S. Reflexology Research conference, Piqua OH, 1989.

  • 1st & 2nd California statewide conferences, 1989 & 1990.

  • U.S. national reflexology education conference, Little Rock, 2006.

  • U.S. national conferences for the Reflexology Association of America (RAA) Nashville, 2004 & Tucson, 2006.


Leadership and Board Training Consultant - 2002 to present

  • 1-2 day leadership training workshops held in Sacramento & Baltimore 2002; Chicago & Providence, 2003; Nashville 2004; Phoenix 2005; Manchester & Tucson 2006; Providence, 2007; Denver, 2010; Orlando, 2012; Santa Fe NM 2014.

  • Board training: ARCB, Sacramento, 2005; RAA, Las Vegas, 2006; RAC, Los Angeles, 2006 & 2007, Fargo ND 2014.

  • RAA Delegate Training, Providence, 2007.


Program Developer and Manager - 1990 to present


  • Co-founded the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), a national, independent, non-profit testing agency for the certification of reflexologists, 1990.

  • Helped write the by-laws for ARCB, RAA, RAC, and the National Council for Reflexology Education (NCRE), all non-profit organizations.


Associations Organized - 1986 to present


  • Co-founder Reflexology Association of California (RAC) statewide membership association, 1992.

  • Founded International Council of Reflexologists (ICR) an international organization which brought reflexologists from around the world together for the first time, 1990.

  • Founded Council of North America Reflexologists (CNAR) which later became ICR, 1989.

  • Founded the Sacramento Valley Reflexology Association (SVRA), a local organization with membership across the nation that later merged with RAC, 1986.

  • Acted as organizing consultant to many of the 25 state reflexology associations.


Lobbying Activities - 1990 to present


  • Representative to California Coalition on Somatic Practices (CCSP), 1991-99.

  • Lobbyist in the state of North Dakota, 1990-1993. Wrote legislative bill making the practice of reflexology a separate discipline, testifying before House and Senate committees. Bill passed both houses and was signed as the first Reflexology law in the U.S. in April 1993.

  • As ARCB legislative consultant have written position papers to legislators in ND, OH, MA, WA, IA, FL, NC, GA, NY, NV, IL, HI, MT, NH, TX, IN, OR, AK, DE, MI, RI, WI, CO, AZ, NE, PA, ME, MD, DC, CA, UT, TN and NJ.

  • Testified before senate or house committees in ND, NY, NH, UT, NE, NV, AK and CA.


Public Speaking - 1990 to present


  • Conference speaker in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Durban, Montego Bay, Athens, Anchorage, Alaska, Burbank, California and Lisbon.

  • 5 city speaking tour in Denmark & Norway, 1998.

  • Before the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy & Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), 1994.

  • Numerous lectures across the U.S.; keynote speaker, NY State Reflexology Association 2007; Brown University CAM Form, Providence 2012; and Committee of the National Foundation of Women Legislators, Atlanta 2012.

  • Keynote speaker: Australian Reflexology Research Conference 2010.

  • Various radio and television appearances.


Professional Board Positions /Memberships - 1990 to present


  • Current professional memberships: ARCB, ICR, RAA, State associations of RAC, ND, NJ, AZ & NY.

  • Board Positions: ICR president 1990-1992; Secretary 1994-1998; Director 2002-2007. ARCB secretary 1990-2005. RAA Director 2001-2005. FJM Board, Director 2002-2006.

  • Advisory Panel for ARCB, NCRE, RAA & RAC.


Education - 1976 to present


  • M.A. (Humanities), California State University, 1996.

  • B.A. (Liberal Arts), Thomas Edison State College, 1994.

  • Reflexology Certification, American Reflexology Certification Board, 1992.

  • Reflexology Training, International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) 1976, certified 1997. IIR proficiency course 1992, plus over 550 hours with other instructors within the field of reflexology.


Business Experience - 1976 to present


  • Private reflexology practice.

  • Owner/Manager – New Frontier Publishing.

  • Consulting available on writing, leadership training, and event planning.



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