This is a journey into the dynamics of identified energies by science to our unseen subtle energy bodies.  The information contained within easily applies to all forms of manual or energetic disciplines, methods and spiritual persuasions.  There is so much more to what we do than we understand; what we've accepted as the ways things have been for years.  The focus of this work is "energy" with the question to be answered: Can the concept of energy be explained in terms from a scientific, intellectual, critical thinking viewpoint and at the same time apply to the work of those using it in the context of a therapeutic or esoteric approach?


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Size: 6"x 9" - 134 pages

Energy: The New Frontier in Reflexology

by Christine Issel

Growing up in Mississippi and marching with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,  Pepper Von became an international fitness educator and inspirational speaker.

This book is an intimate peek into his life journey.  In addition, he shares his empowering topics with humor, wisdom and grace through what have become known as “Pepperisms." 

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Size: 6"x9" - 190 pages

From God thru Me to You

by Pepper Von, with Christine Issel

"My vision is to help unite the world by bringing energies of motivation, non-judgment, inspiration, fun, laughter, health and happiness to the lives of all. You may find there are commonalities with your life so you can relate to parts of my story.”~Pepper Von


Reflexognosy: A shift in Paradigm

by Christine Issel and Sandra Rogers

Reglexognosy is not a new way of performing reflexology. It is a new way of approaching the understanding of the body and healing in general using the legs and feet.


The theories are drawn from ancient cultures, quantum physics, and various energy medicines. On the technique level it embraces podiatry, biomechanics, osteopathic principles, and soft tissue management with joint activation for energy stimulation.

In dealing with anatomy and physiology it takes a new perspective from the concept of body cavities and how the anatomy housed within is affected by our gait. Through scientific research reflexognosy conclusively proves that body cavities are affected as we walk. The application of appropriate pressure to the feet and legs to facilitate a healing response within the client can produce the most astounding results. Reflexologists and others who wish to advance their work and understanding of the feet will find the viewpoints presented encouraging and complimentary.


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Size: 8.5" x 11" - 194 pages

Stories the Feet Are Telling

by Eunice Ingham

Stories the Feet Are Telling is a transcript of a lecture presented by Eunice Ingham Stopfel at the Conrad Hilton Hotel in Chicago on December 7, 1958.


This manuscript was something she planned on publishing as her third book, Stories the Feet Are Telling. She progressed so far in the project as to place photos and graphic in the text, and according to nephew Dwight Byers, printed about 50 advanced copies. However, the material was not edited, and there is a great difference between the spoken word and the written word. The purpose of this current edition is to add to the history of reflexology. Therefore, although the wording may be found to be redundant at times, little attempt has been made to edit or change her vocabulary, sentence structure, or punctuation. One gets the feeling of sitting in a classroom as Eunice lectures. This book intentionally resembles the look and feel Eunice used in "Stories the Feet Can Tell" (1938) and "Stories the Feet Have Told" (1951). Titles, the table of contents, and an index have been added for easier reading and reference.


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"Phenomenal book! I really enjoyed reading it.  The chapter with the work with your daughter was amazing! I think this book would be a great addition to ALL reflexology training programs.  Such great information, easy to read and understand.  Thank you for all your work and contributions to our profession!"

~Andrea Montgomery

"You will find joy and inspiration in reading this well-researched book about Eunice Ingham who, around the world, is considered to be the "mother" of reflexology.  This book provides deep insights into Eunice's upbringing, her strong spirit and determination, and many of the legal challenges she faced in bringing reflexology to the world.  Highly informative!"

~Adrianne Fahey

"Your straightforward writing style makes the book a pleasure to read.  It will make an excellent textbook."

~Ruby Bisson

"This book by you and Sandra Rogers is an excellent book; everyone who learns reflexology should have it! There is very good informative practical advice in it and the emphasis on anatomy is so necessary! So thank you especially for this book."

~Hanne Marquardt

"I did not know about this 3rd book of Ingham's. Her biography and the book about history will definitely go into the German Museum of Naturopathy together with her former books [Stories the Feet Can Tell and Stories the Feet Have Told] and now this new book of hers."

~Hanne Marquardt

Eunice Ingham: A Biography

by Christine Issel

Through her bold spirit and determination, Eunice Ingham Stopfel pioneered Reflexology in the United States. This biography is based on her personal papers and photographs, and interviews with family members and students, which opened the way to create a detailed view of the life and career of this remarkable American woman.


History is filled with strong females who had the fortunate combination of intelligence, drive, curiosity, vision, and charisma to succeed in a man’s world. Eunice Ingham is one of them. She and Reflexology occupy a unique place in the natural health movement.

The word that sums up the life of Eunice Ingham is pioneer. Not only was she born to a pioneering family of homesteaders on the American frontier but she herself was a trail blazer, a person who ventured into the unknown as an innovator and developer of a new therapy, which would ultimately be called Reflexology.


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Size: 6"x 9" - 198 pages

Reflexology: Art, Science and History - 2014 Edition
by Christine Issel

This 1990 classic has been completely revised and brought up-to-date with 165 added pages including 18 mini-biographies of those who have added new thought or scientific discoveries to the field.


This is not another "how-to" book, but a detailed documented history on the use of Reflexology from 2,500 B.C. to the present and much more!


Price: $35.00 USD

Size: 6"x 9" - 404 pages


We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.

~Thomas Merton


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