Reflexology: Art, Science and History

This is not another "how-to" book, but a detailed documented history on the use of Reflexology from 2,500 B.C. to the present and much more!

The author, Christine Issel, traces the history of Reflexology to Egypt, China, Japan, Europe, England, Russia and the United States. Throughout these 403 pages you will discover where Reflexology has been and where it is going. There are over 50 illustrations and photographs, extensive references, glossary and a complete index.

New Edition - This 1990 classic has been completely revised and brought up-to-date with 165 added pages including 18 mini-biographies of those who have added new thought or scientific discoveries to the field.

Book Reviews

"Your straight forward writing style makes the book a pleasure to read. It will make an excellent textbook."
Ruby Bisson,
Educational Committee Chairwoman, Reflexology Association of Canada.

"I can not praise your research, organization and thoughtfulness too much!"
Walt Gosting
Editor of In Step, newsletter of the Foot Reflexology Awareness Association.

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Art, Science and History

Softcover 5½x8½
403 Pages with photos, illustrations, and charts
ISBN 978-0-615-86191-3
5th Edition|Published April 2014
New Frontier Publishing


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